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How does a design job work? What are the processes?

One of the many jobs of being a graphic designer is coming up with fun and refreshing ideas. But while that's all going on obviously every job comes with a territory including being a designer. Its just as important that designers do know all about the regulations and legislation surrounding their day to day job. The boring stuff I know...BUT it is something all graphic designers do need to be aware of.

I am one of these people, I love creating and as my university course is coming to an end I realised that even though I am creating all the time and I am aware of the obvious rules i.e if you were using a typeface for a certain piece of work you should know that you can't use typefaces that are just downloaded and are not licensed. However there are some rules I was not aware of at all. So researching is definitely a must!

RULE 1: Image copyright

This rule is one of the first things I learnt as I was growing as a designer throughout my years at uni, in my first year I would get in the habit of just clicking on any image from google images and thinking "ah yeah that will do..." obviously now this is a big no no and something that can be seen as very serious. It is pretty self explanatory all images you see belong to someone and if you do not have permission to use that image then you can't- its property!

RULE 2: Font Licensing (what I spoke about earlier)

This rule is what I wrote about at the start of this blog you can't use a typeface that is just downloaded from any random font site and not licensed properly. Even though I knew this rule which was embedded in my brain from tutors when I was at uni ha ha but there were some things about this rule I did not know about. Which is shown in the screenshot above, definitely have a better knowledge of this rule now.

RULE 3: Creative Commons

Rule 3 is something I wasn't aware of too so reading up on this and familiarising myself with each CC was helpful to know and read up on.

RULE 4: 'Fair Use'

This rule I am familiar with especially when I have been writing my dissertations for Uni, when wanting to backup a point/view you may choose to use an existing quote from say another artist/author...youll always have to state where and when you got that source. That is the only way I can relate to rule 4, I could be wrong!

RULE 5: Client Obligations

This rule number 5 I was not aware of at all, after researching into all the do's and don'ts in the design world really did get me thinking that yes I can design things, yes I know my way around all the softwares ie photoshop, illustrator but I did not know the basic rules of being a designer which is something I definitely needed to know more of as it is the job role I would like to go into...I know now at least!

There are obviously so many rules and regulations in any job. You do need to know all the do's and don't s but I do find these 5 that I found are what I have been doing just wasn't aware until reading up on them. Im sure I will find more of the do's and don't s as a grow as a designer.

All screenshots were taken from an article online...


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